10 Aug 2016

5 Worst Industries to Start a Business

Got no clients. No investors. Ran out of money. Total failure. This is a nightmare of every startuper. Fortunately, though, all this is absolutely avoidable. Just take into account a few important things. According to Neil Patel’s statement at Forbes 90% of startups fail. There is a number of reasons for that, including founder’s incompetence, bad product, no market for the product etc. Cho...
13 Jul 2016

Why Startups Should Outsource IT:
Top 5 Reasons and 4 Rewards

Many startuppers have an itch to do it all. A strong belief they have to participate directly in every aspect of business, starting from hiring employees and finishing with programming. Just to get everything done and done it RIGHT! Outsource IT? No way! But in fact, poking your nose into everything and trying to be jack-of-all-trades is not an efficient way to do business. Think twice - can you ...
06 Jul 2016

Native vs. Mobile Web App:
Which Is Better for My Business?

As global mobile data traffic exceeded PCs’ and continues to grow there is no company in the world yet hesitating about the importance of being presented on smartphones and tablets. Although there are doubts about the best way to do it. First, you need to make your website responsive, which you are likely to have done by now, right? Then you can either roll out a native app or launch a mobile w...
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