05 Sep 2017

The Biggest Challenges for
Augmented Reality

As AR/VR market is expected to reach $162 Billion in 2020, we can see numerous factors that contribute to its prosperity. Along with success components that include performance and design, there are also a few big challenges that augmented reality industry is facing and which it needs to overcome. Those fall into two main categories: social and technical. While social challenges involve the issues...
17 Aug 2017

Node.js vs Go – What to Choose for My Product?

The process of web app development can be compared to an iceberg. There is part of the app that a user sees, meanwhile, the rest remains unseen. This is what we call “back end”, imperceptible and mystical. In the majority of web applications, there is significantly more non-UI code than the code that is directly related to the interaction with the end user. Information needs to be stored an...
09 Aug 2017

Why consider Go for building a software product?

Why more and more businesses are starting to use Google Go, an open source programming language, as an alternative to Java and Python? Not surprising. With its promise of agility, simplicity, and speed, Golang seems to have become one of the most powerful rivals to much older and common languages. What is Go? Google's Go language was created 10 years ago as an experimental project. In 2009, two ...
Desktop & Cross-Platform
20 Jul 2017

How To Cut Desktop App Development Costs With Qt Cross-Platform Technology

Companies are no longer relying on single operating systems, a lot of enterprises are now supporting various platforms with the leaders being Windows, macOS (Mac OS X), and Linux. Generally, desktop applications have been programmed with native languages, e.g. Objective-C for macOS and C# for Windows. However, to push the product over multiple platforms, businesses are forced to build a separate a...
14 Jul 2017

Augmented Reality in Healthcare and Education

A part of the global IT market is expected to reach the value of more than $1.5 billion by 2020. And Augmented Reality (AR) could become the primary driver of a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021, with AR taking the chief part of $83 billion. Augmented reality in healthcare and education has wide-reaching implications, and it can dramatically transform these sectors. It’s 2017, and we’ve only...
Desktop & Cross-Platform
30 Jun 2017

Cross-Platform App Development Or Why Should I Choose Qt?

One code - many platforms, or get two apps for the price of one. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true. If you’re still searching for a solution to get your software running on various devices with different operating systems with slight or no change in code, consider Qt ("cute"), a cross-platform application framework . Software developed on Qt can run  on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android,...
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