11 Apr 2017

6 Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs Thinking of Launching a VR / AR Startup

Let’s face it - starting and running a VR / AR startup is a real challenge. Although consumers are constantly looking for more exciting experiences, most of them have only a vague idea of what virtual reality and augmented reality are. Due to the novelty and quite a high cost of VR and AR technologies their popularity in the world is just gaining momentum on the market. The raising interest t...
IoT and Embedded
29 Mar 2017

5 IoT Startups You Need To Learn About

Internet of Things today before our very eyes is becoming one of the most significant trends in the field of information technology. The idea to unite various household appliances and connect them to the network offers a wide scope of possibilities for creative endeavors and startups. But is everything as good as it seems at first glance? Is it really possible to make money on the IoT by simpl...
IoT and Embedded
15 Mar 2017

Do IoT Company Really Need
Software Development Partner?

The Internet of Things market is booming these days. IoT devices are everywhere - smart houses, security and alarm systems, city lighting, etc. The development of connected devices by companies of different scale - from Internet of Things startups to industry giants, - is increasing every year, and it requires complex management software. Today, thanks to the development of the Internet, comput...
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