02 May 2019

Everything You Need to Know
to Build Location-Based AR App (Updated)

So, you’re in a foreign country, walking away from the crowded touristy streets in search of an authentic cultural experience. You feel the hot sun on your skin and a whiff of the tasty traditional cuisine. Not sure where it comes from? Just launch an AR app on your phone, point it at the street and you’ll see the names, ratings and specialties of every restaurant on the horizon. Sounds too go...
11 Apr 2019

Client’s #1 guide to mobile app development

So, you've decided to build an app. Either to earn money or just to implement your cool idea and see how it goes. Of course, if you are not an app developer, you will look for an app development company. But what should you start from? What do you need to think of, prepare, plan in advance? To what extent should you be involved in each stage of mobile app development? We will try to help by...
Vakoms Team (Ukr)
18 Mar 2019

Vita, Front-End Developer

Продовжуємо рубрику Vakoms Success Stories. Сьогодні поділимось історією IT-кар’єри Віти, Front-End Developer у Vakoms. - Як усе починалось? Яку освіту ти здобувала? - Навчалась я на механіко-математичному факультеті в університеті ім. Ів...
13 Mar 2019

Java trends 2019 (or where to use Java in 2019?)

Right now Java is the most popular programming language in the world, according to Tiobe. However, in the past 5 years its popularity has slightly decreased. Will it remain widely used in 2019? We’ll discover it in this article.  Java is 23 years old, and it still continues to evolve. Every new release includes a couple of new features and security updates. In 2019, we’re expecting two mor...
Vakoms Team (Ukr)
07 Mar 2019

Tetiana, QA Engineer

Продовжуємо ділитись історіями IT-кар’єри працівників Vakoms. Ми розповідаємо про те, як люди змінювали свою роботу після багатьох років  у зовсім інших галузях. Ділимось історіями, як наші працівники починали шлях в IT, як...
Desktop & Cross-Platform
05 Mar 2019

Everything you need to know about cross-platform apps

Let's say you’ve got a mobile app idea that you want to implement. Now, which platform should you start from - Android or iOS? Or maybe both? To reach as many users as possible, there are two choices. You can either build a standalone native app for each mobile OS or develop a single cross-platform solution for both of them. In this article, we will give you a brief explanation of what is cro...
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