IT Outsourcing
13 Nov 2017

Do I Really Need a Dedicated Tester on My Software Project?

When it comes to software quality assurance, the main factors that commonly determine your choice  are quality and cost. Making a decision about whether a company should test their software projects in-house, offshore, or nearshore is not that easy. Not every business is able to find, hire, and retain an in-house team of highly skilled testers. And to be honest, this makes no sense, as you wi...
IT Outsourcing
07 Nov 2017

4 Engaging Facts About IT Outsourcing to Ukraine

Dozens, if not hundreds, of world giants like Adobe, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Aol outsource software development to Ukraine. No surprise that Ukraine has climbed to the Top 2017 IT destinations. The reason is simple: Ukraine houses more than 90K qualified tech professionals (the highest number across Europe) which is expected to grow to 200K by 2020. The combination of IT professionals and a growi...
26 Oct 2017

Who Is Using Node.js And Why Should You?

Can you imagine world-known giants like PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn, Walmart, and even NASA using Node.js? Even though it’s a relatively new technology for internal software solutions, millions of smaller enterprises choose Node.js for building apps. Ask why? Node.js has it all: it uses a very common JavaScript language for building back-ends, a robust technology stack, has unlimited scalability an...
02 Oct 2017

Best Paid and Free AR Apps 2017

Today, Augmented Reality is the most amusing technology to experience. You can create an absolutely different world by overlaying digital content on the real things you see. Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that enhances our everyday life and is becoming more powerful with every passing year. With the help of smartphones and tablets, it overlays computer-generated pictures on top of the u...
IT Outsourcing
25 Sep 2017

5 Crucial Mistakes When Looking for Software Development Outsourcing Company

The secret of your online venture success is easy: it lies in hiring talented software developers. The question is, how to find them and how to set the workflow right? While looking for developers, you may want to consider outsourcing software development to Ukraine as it has a noteworthy number of benefits. Custom software development can provide powerful ROI and seamlessly integrated solution...
20 Sep 2017

Everything you need to know about building a superior AR/VR app

... or 6 steps to develop a killer AR/VR application. How can I make the development process smooth and get a really good app as a result? We’ve been asked this question quite often recently. So, maybe it’s time to reveal the truth behind the magic of successful app development. AR/VR app attraction is obvious: the barrier to entry is low, the chances of success are  high., With just a ...
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