Today, Augmented Reality is the most amusing technology to experience. You can create an absolutely different world by overlaying digital content on the real things you see.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that enhances our everyday life and is becoming more powerful with every passing year. With the help of smartphones and tablets, it overlays computer-generated pictures on top of the user’s view. Today we’ll talk about AR apps. Online stores are full of titles to choose from, and this article is all about the best AR apps to try out.

Each augmented reality application provides excellent UX, unique features, and is available for both Android and iOS operating systems:

Best Paid AR Apps for Android and IOS 2017

Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker AR app

Price for Android – $7.49 for iOS – $9.99

Sun Seeker app predicts the movement of the sun in the sky. It provides a 3D view and a flat compass view, showing the Sun’s path and position at a given date and time. Incredibly useful for architects and photographers while planning natural lighting, as well as to anyone looking to discover optimal lighting conditions for a given location. The AR development company enabled you to get the exact detailed information easily through your GPS.


Quiver is an educational AR app aimed to make your kid’s learning more engaging and exciting. This augmented reality application coloring book can make images come to life with animations and special effects.

Quiver AR app

Quiver AR app

To start this exciting experience:

  1. Download the app
  2. Print out a coloring page
  3. Color the drawings
  4. Run Quiver and point camera on the drawing

Enjoy your 3D figure with exactly the same colors and texture you’ve filled it with. Just a beautiful tool to bring images from paper to life. The new version of Quiver has 2 user plans: free and paid (with additional coloring pages and extended features).

Augmented Car Finder / Car Finder AR

Quite simple but handy AR app that helps its users find their vehicles. Extremely useful when “lost” in big parking places. Download the app, enter the location of your car and it is done! When you need to return to your parking place the app shows you a location marker, the distance, and the direction you should take.

Car Finder AR app

Car Finder AR

The new version of the app automatically keeps track of where you park, using AR technology along with 3D Google Maps and radar. Advanced GPS Auto Track module allows tracking a vehicle from home and getting driving directions to the nearest car parks.

Star Walk

Star Walk Night Sky Map is an educational augmented reality app for astronomy stargazing and finding planets. The app shows an overlay on the sky in real time through the camera of your device which contains information about the stars.


Star Walk Price $2.99

It’s a perfect educational tool for astronomy students and space enthusiasts. The main features include a map of constellations and stars in real time, astronomy facts and daily stats (sunrise and sunset, moon phases, etc.), an astronomical calendar, night mode (makes the sky observation more comfortable at night), sky viewer, etc.

Best Free AR Apps for Android and IOS 2017


WallaMe lets you post hidden messages in different locations anywhere on the globe. Memos left in this augmented reality app can only be read by other users of the application.

WallaMe AR app


  1. Take a picture of the nearby location you like: a street, a wall, a building, or a sign
  2. use in-app tools to create your own message
  3. attach pictures to the areas you’ve chosen (optional)
  4. send the location of your secret message to a friend.
  5. WallaMe’s spotting tab indicates the location of virtual graffitis around you
  6. enjoy virtual messages in the most unique locations all over the world

It gives you a real feel only when you’re in the location with a hidden message. You can leave your messages either private or public, so that everyone is able to discover the augmented reality world with their own camera. This app gives a unique possibility to hide private notes in public places.


Ink Hunter is an incredible advantageous AR app used when you decide to make a tattoo. To ensure where to have it and what tattoo suits you best, just install and launch the app, draw 3 simple lines on a spot on your body and test it away. Using your phone’s camera you can “pre-make” tattoos and see how they look on your skin. InkHunter offers a rather large catalogue of tattoos, as well as the ability to create your own designs; adjust the size and apply filters.

Wikitude World Browser

Wikitude is widely regarded as the best location-based AR browser. While using your camera, this augmented reality app can offer you just about any geographically-relevant info about almost anything on your way (nearby ATMs, landmark information, restaurants etc.). Useful notes and messages are usually presented as Wikipedia articles with details on directions and hot spots. The content depends much upon your location and the object you are looking at.

Wikitude AR app

Wikitude World Browser

The built-in augmented reality games and apps that let you mark and share favorite places undoubtedly add attractiveness and ease. The app includes image recognition and augmented print features to provide a truly all-in-one AR experience. Searching for an “Italian restaurant”? Put up your mobile device camera, and take a look around you. You will find a digital overlay showing all nearby matches – the mixed power of a browser, AR technology and Wikipedia.

Google Translate

As the name suggests, Google Translate’s main feature is to translate texts from a huge variety of languages. Meanwhile, this is not just an augmented reality app, there is one incredibly useful feature that allows you to translate any text (around you). When switched into the camera mode, you can point the camera at a piece of text and the app will provide you with real-time translations.

Google Translate AR app

Google Translate

Google Translate is considered to be one of the most used apps in learning due to a wealth of handy features. Needless to mention that it’s essential for travelers – especially because of the language packs which you can download and use offline. You can easily have texts translated when there is no internet connection. Just download the language packs you need beforehand.

Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4D AR app

Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4D is another outstanding Augmented Reality app for education. Want to look inside your body? Try it! Anatomy 4D is an easy, extremely detailed and interactive visual guide that gives you access to the human body system. To start your journey with augmented reality in medicine, just download the app and print off the target images. Use your mobile device camera and learn more about human body parts in 3D: zoom in and out, rotate and explore.


Amikasa is probably made for the busiest people among us. It helps users design home furniture and style rooms in just a few minutes. Using your mobile device’s camera you can easily place 3D models of different items to check out what size, color or model of furniture is the most appropriate for your house.


Amikasa AR app

You can also discover the ideal place for your new items and how they will look in that “cozy corner” of your bedroom. When unsure of style, you can share it with friends via AR app. It is worth trying for everyone who wishes to take control of their living space.

Layar AR App

Seeking a deeper look at the world around? An augmented reality company named Layar has an innovative solution for you. Its free AR app allows users to view digital content from a variety of sources. Scan a QR code, a magazine page, advertisement, or a poster and get trailers, presentation videos, mobile shopping links, locations, info on discounts and much more.

Pokémon GO

Agree, the list of Top free Augmented Reality applications wouldn’t be complete without Pokémon Go by Niantic. This AR app development company used GPS to mark user’s location and move the in-game avatar on the smartphone’s display.

pokemon-go ar app

Pokemon Go

Bringing together the addictive collecting gameplay with augmented reality app development technology, Pokémon Go literally conquered the mobile AR world in 2016. And its updates are brought the crazy amusement into 2017. This game has promptly caught user’s attention and gave hundreds of thousands a reason to go out into the world, walking around and catching Pokémons.

The final word

If you want to feel what Augmented Reality technology truly means – just try out these apps on your smartphone or tablet. AR app development companies in Ukraine create a vast selection of innovative augmented reality applications. Healthcare, e-commerce, automobile, education, and entertainment industries have been taking full advantage of AR technologies.  There is a rich variety of apps able to enhance your user experience of cutting-edge technology innovations. Don’t miss out on them!