25 Jan 2018

Quick Tips on How to Pass
an Interview in an IT Company

Even if you are one of those app developers who have already worked in few IT companies of Ukraine and have dozens of interviews behind, each new one requires preparation that is essential to making a good impression. Here are some tips to help you understand what the interviewer actually wants from you: 1. Do your homework Take some efforts to learn more about the Company you’re applying to a...
13 Dec 2017

PLLUG Community –
Open Programming in Lviv

Ukraine is a home to the highest number of IT experts in Europe. It has strong educational system, a large developer community, and hosts a variety of annual high-tech events. Lviv Linux Users Group have created PLLUG community that focuses on technical training and education. Programming in Lviv Linux Users Group Programming in Lviv Linux Users Group (PLLUG) - is an open community for anyone in...
14 Jun 2016

English in IT. Is it essential really?

Learning a skill requires an inexhaustible inner drive, an insatiable desire to have this particular skill, which is proportionate to the need for it. Aspiration is the key to learning any skill. What makes you aspire to learn English? It’s either not being able to cope without it in life or the benefits the command of the language gives you. English is increasingly consolidating its posit...
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