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08 Oct 2019

6 quick tips to prevent your IoT project from failure

What difficulties and challenges could put your IoT startup at risk? A recent Microsoft research reveals that 30% of IoT projects fail at the proof-of-concept stage, with more challenges coming later.  “So why is an IoT product development such a hurdle?” - you might ask. We’ve analyzed the key report outcomes and created a set of recommendations you can use to make any IoT proje...
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05 Sep 2019

Building a secure IoT system: interview with a Vakoms expert

If there was a universal method to secure any IoT system, connecting things to the Internet would be risk-free. However, the truth is that Internet-connected devices are among the most vulnerable and complex types of products. So how can you make your IoT system more protected? We asked Serhiy, IoT Solution Architect at Vakoms about specific steps you can take to secure the IoT system. ...
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16 Aug 2019

How can Health Care benefit from IoT? [+Infographics]

Any mistake or inefficiency might be critical in healthcare. To minimize the human factor and improve patient care, the Internet of Things turned out a revolutionary technology. By 2019, 87% of healthcare organizations had already adopted IoT technologies in some way. Doctors and institutions, patients and pharma specialists use smart medical devices on a daily basis. This, in turn, opens up ...
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31 Jul 2019

Top 6 Smart Home Companies from Spain

The demand for energy- and cost-saving devices has created favorable conditions for smart home startups in Spain. Internet-connected home devices are growing steadily in use, and this tendency will continue in the coming years.  So what are some of the best home automation solutions in Barcelona, Sevilla, and other Spanish cities? Down below, you will find the most innovative smart home i...
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15 Jul 2019

Most promising areas you should go as a Home Automation company

The perfect time for smart home startups has come. According to Statista survey, IoT devices for smart home will enter 53.9% of US households by 2023. Which means the 20% growth from now. What are these upcoming changes in smart home automation and where should you go as a startup? Let’s explore the key areas to consider. Statista survey The graphics above show that smart home gadgets, se...
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20 Feb 2019

Top 6 successful IoT projects created by Ukrainians

With the exploding number of IoT systems across industries, it takes a lot to launch a truly successful IoT project. Profound market study, creating value for customers, finding skilled tech experts - this is just the top of IoT development iceberg. However, even in such a high competitive market, Ukraine has achieved a strong position. Let’s explore the best IoT projects by Ukrainians that h...
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