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20 Feb 2019

Top 6 successful IoT projects created by Ukrainians

With the exploding number of IoT systems across industries, it takes a lot to launch a truly successful IoT project. Profound market study, creating value for customers, finding skilled tech experts - this is just the top of IoT development iceberg. However, even in such a high competitive market, Ukraine has achieved a strong position. Let’s explore the best IoT projects by Ukrainians that h...
IoT and Embedded
09 Jan 2019

How banks and fintech companies can benefit from IoT

So you’ve decided to get the benefit of IoT, but don’t know how it can be useful for your fintech company. With the growing risk of frauds and doubts about payments security, you might have lots of questions to ask.  From this article, you will learn how the Internet of Things can be used in fintech sector as well as how it can help you to stand out. Down below, are the key ways how banks ...
13 Dec 2018

Top tech trends that will dominate
real estate market, architecture
& interior design in 2019

What do real estate, interior design, and architecture have in common? The only and the most important thing - they all operate with space. Right now, the real estate industry is witnessing major changes. The entire approach to architecture & interior design is changing, with the main focus shifted on benefits for people. The intuitive professions of an architect and interior designer are ...
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14 Jun 2017

Internet of Things Retail Revolution 2021

Did you know that 25 major established retailers have lost over $64 billion in market share to smaller players? That’s because smaller companies were more flexible and took timely measures with digital transformation. A recent research by Deloitte shows that the Internet of Things is already changing the way consumers connect with and shop from the web. The shopping experience is soon going to b...
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29 Mar 2017

5 IoT Startups You Need To Learn About

Internet of Things today before our very eyes is becoming one of the most significant trends in the field of information technology. The idea to unite various household appliances and connect them to the network offers a wide scope of possibilities for creative endeavors and startups. But is everything as good as it seems at first glance? Is it really possible to make money on the IoT by simpl...
IoT and Embedded
15 Mar 2017

Does IoT Company Really Need
Software Development Partner?

The Internet of Things market is booming these days. IoT devices are everywhere - smart houses, security and alarm systems, city lighting, etc. The development of connected devices by companies of different scale - from Internet of Things startups to industry giants, - is increasing every year, and it requires complex management software. Today, thanks to the development of the Internet, comput...
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