11 Apr 2019

Client’s #1 guide to mobile app development

So, you've decided to build an app. Either to earn money or just to implement your cool idea and see how it goes. Of course, if you are not an app developer, you will look for an app development company. But what should you start from? What do you need to think of, prepare, plan in advance? To what extent should you be involved in each stage of mobile app development? We will try to help by...
03 Apr 2018

5 Tasty Food Tech Apps

Once you hear the term "food tech solution" – the first thing that comes to mind is a delivery app like Deliveroo or Uber Eats. However, in this day and age, technology has penetrated this industry much deeper. There are burger-cooking robots, drones for crop analysis, and even some new kinds of fruit and vegetables genetically modified by scientists. Food tech apps have changed too. We have res...
20 Mar 2018

6 Things You Should Know
Before Starting Mobile App Development

Because of the fast growth of mobile Internet usage and continuously changing user behaviour, companies want to invest in mobile strategy. Mobile applications offer businesses higher revenue growth, deeper customer engagement, and enhanced user experience. With smartphones and tablets now accounting for 65% of the total time spent with digital media, the latest study shows that around 90% of that ...
04 Dec 2017

How to Succeed with Your App

When deciding on a new app do you ask yourself ‘How can I succeed when there are  millions of apps in stores?’ Sure you do. Asking yourself about future success is the first step in the right direction. Even if you’ve launched your app and it has brought you some good results - that’s not the end of the story. Mobile application maintenance and support is as important as its development....
06 Jul 2016

Native vs. Mobile Web App:
Which Is Better for My Business?

As global mobile data traffic exceeded PCs’ and continues to grow there is no company in the world yet hesitating about the importance of being presented on smartphones and tablets. Although there are doubts about the best way to do it. First, you need to make your website responsive, which you are likely to have done by now, right? Then you can either roll out a native app or launch a mobile w...
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