IoT and Embedded
08 Oct 2019

6 quick tips to prevent your IoT project from failure

What difficulties and challenges could put your IoT startup at risk? A recent Microsoft research reveals that 30% of IoT projects fail at the proof-of-concept stage, with more challenges coming later.  “So why is an IoT product development such a hurdle?” - you might ask. We’ve analyzed the key report outcomes and created a set of recommendations you can use to make any IoT proje...
IoT and Embedded
31 Jul 2019

Top 6 Smart Home Companies from Spain

The demand for energy- and cost-saving devices has created favorable conditions for smart home startups in Spain. Internet-connected home devices are growing steadily in use, and this tendency will continue in the coming years.  So what are some of the best home automation solutions in Barcelona, Sevilla, and other Spanish cities? Down below, you will find the most innovative smart home i...
27 Jun 2019

Where to use C/C++ languages and why?

From complex databases to self-driving cars, the usage area of C and C++ languages is surprisingly wide. Even today, with a myriad of new & robust programming tools, the two coding languages from 70s cannot be replaced. So what are the common applications of C & C++ today and why we still use them? Let’s find out in this article. When is C language used? What is C++ used for? 1. O...
22 Feb 2019

Lviv as your IT outsourcing destination – is it really the best choice?

One of the main questions when looking for a software development company is: “What country and then what city do I choose for outsourcing software development of my project?” There are so many factors to consider - cost, quality, geography, time and cultural difference... Let’s explore why startups and industry giants from all over the world choose Lviv as their outsourcing destination a...
IoT and Embedded
20 Feb 2019

Top 6 successful IoT projects created by Ukrainians

With the exploding number of IoT systems across industries, it takes a lot to launch a truly successful IoT project. Profound market study, creating value for customers, finding skilled tech experts - this is just the top of IoT development iceberg. However, even in such a high competitive market, Ukraine has achieved a strong position. Let’s explore the best IoT projects by Ukrainians that h...
21 Dec 2018

Top 6 HealthTech Apps 2018

Healthcare industry evolves faster than you could expect. Latest healthtech solutions simplify doctors’ work, connect patients with physicians and allow them to live longer & healthier lives. Let’s explore the best healthtech apps that marked the year 2018. 1. APOP screening Elderly people are the most frequent visitors of hospitals. They usually turn to emergency departments, with the s...
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