22 Jan 2019

UX & UI design trends that will dominate 2019

In this article, we will discover the main trends in UX/UI design that will rule 2019.  Explore how you can use them to improve user interface of your website or mobile app and add value to its user experience in 2019. Trend #1: UI designing for AR apps Instead of screen-fixed interfaces, more & more users like to experience their websites and apps in an interactive way. From product 3D vis...
21 Dec 2018

Top 6 HealthTech Apps 2018

Healthcare industry evolves faster than you could expect. Latest healthtech solutions simplify doctors’ work, connect patients with physicians and allow them to live longer & healthier lives. Let’s explore the best healthtech apps that marked the year 2018. 1. APOP screening Elderly people are the most frequent visitors of hospitals. They usually turn to emergency departments, with the s...
IT Outsourcing
13 Nov 2017

Do I Really Need a Dedicated Tester on My Software Project?

When it comes to software quality assurance, the main factors that commonly determine your choice  are quality and cost. Making a decision about whether a company should test their software projects in-house, offshore, or nearshore is not that easy. Not every business is able to find, hire, and retain an in-house team of highly skilled testers. And to be honest, this makes no sense, as you wi...
IT Outsourcing
25 Sep 2017

5 Crucial Mistakes When Looking for Software Development Outsourcing Company

The secret of your online venture success is easy: it lies in hiring talented software developers. The question is, how to find them and how to set the workflow right? While looking for developers, you may want to consider outsourcing software development to Ukraine as it has a noteworthy number of benefits. Custom software development can provide powerful ROI and seamlessly integrated solution...
IT Outsourcing
22 Jun 2017

Quick Tips on Finding Your True IT Partner

... or everything you need to know about outsourcing to a custom software development company Updated 6 February 2018 It’s scary, isn’t it? Hiring a custom software development company based in another part of the world. While they/it costs you less than in-house web and app development engineers, how should you differentiate those who are good from those who talk a good game? Let’s fac...
IT Outsourcing
01 Jun 2017

Time & Material, Fixed Price or Dedicated Team: What Suits Your Project Best?

A pricing model is a part of a contractual agreement, signed between a client and a service provider (IT partner). The agreement designates working methodologies, time frames, and pricing. Apart from design, coding, testing, and deployment, custom software development includes a range of other activities. And in order to pick the right software development pricing model, start with the first and t...
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