30 Oct 2019

How to reap all the benefits of augmented reality in jewelry?

Augmented reality is no longer just nice to have for a jewelry business. 61% of users would rather buy in a shop with AR experience than in another. Jewelry stores are no different. Both physical and online shops in this industry need to upgrade to stay competitive. Augmented reality brings more than customer engagement. It optimizes the sales process and lets you expand your audience reach. ...
13 Mar 2019

Java trends 2019 (or where to use Java in 2019?)

Right now Java is the most popular programming language in the world, according to Tiobe. However, in the past 5 years its popularity has slightly decreased. Will it remain widely used in 2019? We’ll discover it in this article.  Java is 23 years old, and it still continues to evolve. Every new release includes a couple of new features and security updates. In 2019, we’re expecting two more ...
04 Feb 2019

12 trending web development tools in 2019

Web development is evolving blazingly fast. Over the past 15 years, dozens of frameworks and libraries have come and gone, being replaced by even more effective tools.   So, to keep you updated, we’ve analyzed the most trending web development tools in 2019. Learn which technology fits your web app project best and stay in the mainstream for the upcoming years. Front End development tools 1. R...
22 Jan 2019

UX & UI design trends that will dominate 2019

In this article, we will discover the main trends in UX/UI design that will rule 2019.  Explore how you can use them to improve user interface of your website or mobile app and add value to its user experience in 2019. Trend #1: UI designing for AR apps Instead of screen-fixed interfaces, more & more users like to experience their websites and apps in an interactive way. From product 3D visua...
13 Dec 2018

Top tech trends that will dominate
real estate market, architecture
& interior design in 2019

What do real estate, interior design, and architecture have in common? The only and the most important thing - they all operate with space. Right now, the real estate industry is witnessing major changes. The entire approach to architecture & interior design is changing, with the main focus shifted on benefits for people. The intuitive professions of an architect and interior designer are ...
02 Feb 2018

IMM 2018:
Technology Trends in Furniture Industry

The global furniture market has been growing constantly year on year. The market will reportedly expand at a CAGR of 4.27% during the period of 2017-2021. Alongside the rise in population, high penetration of organized retail and the growing demand for ready-to-assemble and designer furniture, the adoption of new technologies is an important driving factor in furniture industry. One of the bigg...
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