13 Dec 2018

Top tech trends that will dominate
real estate market, architecture
& interior design in 2019

What do real estate, interior design, and architecture have in common? The only and the most important thing - they all operate with space. Right now, the real estate industry is witnessing major changes. The entire approach to architecture & interior design is changing, with the main focus shifted on benefits for people. The intuitive professions of an architect and interior designer are ...
02 Feb 2018

IMM 2018:
Technology Trends in Furniture Industry

The global furniture market has been growing constantly year on year. The market will reportedly expand at a CAGR of 4.27% during the period of 2017-2021. Alongside the rise in population, high penetration of organized retail and the growing demand for ready-to-assemble and designer furniture, the adoption of new technologies is an important driving factor in furniture industry. One of the bigg...
11 Jan 2018

4 Tech Trends to Observe in 2018

Have you noticed that using tech innovations which seemed totally impossible 10 years ago has now turned into common practice? The breakthrough of artificial intelligence in medicine and the financial sector, Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing, round-the-clock customer support via AI-powered chatbots and personal assistants, all these things are now becoming as common as smartphones. ...
04 Jan 2018

Top 4 Technology Trends of 2017

In the rapidly growing software development industry, trends change so fast that you can often feel left far behind. In the tech world, where customers require high-quality personalized experiences, companies are expected to predict the next move of their audience. Although there’s always something new on the horizon, with the currently available technology, when you can get hold of almost an...
02 Feb 2017

Top Technology Trends
for Startups to Watch for in 2017 (Updated)

What technologies will shape the landscape in the near future? This is a hot question for those thinking of launching a new tech company, as well as freshly baked startups wishing to be on the crest of the wave. We’ve done our own research and are ready to share the results. So grab your pen and jot down (or put to your Pocket) the top technology trends for startups to watch for in 2017. 1. Mob...
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