13 Mar 2019

Java trends 2019 (or where to use Java in 2019?)

Right now Java is the most popular programming language in the world, according to Tiobe. However, in the past 5 years its popularity has slightly decreased. Will it remain widely used in 2019? We’ll discover it in this article.  Java is 23 years old, and it still continues to evolve. Every new release includes a couple of new features and security updates. In 2019, we’re expecting two more ...
22 Nov 2018

Which projects PHP is the best fit for?

Since it was launched, PHP has grown to a largely used programming language. In fact, 78.9% of a server-side code of software development projects is written in PHP. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all in software development niche. While PHP programming language suits well some types of software projects, it turns out not the best choice for the other ones. Let’s explore the types of softwa...
27 Apr 2018

Google Mobile-First Indexing:
Why Responsive Design is your
#1 Option When Developing a Website?

It's been a long time since Google pointed out the importance of mobile-friendly websites because  more and more people were using mobile devices for web browsing. In March 2018, Google introduced its mobile-first indexing to help mobile searchers find the most suitable content in the best form. What does that mean? How will it impact SEO and web development? And, most importantly, how can you st...
26 Oct 2017

Who Is Using Node.js And Why Should You?

Can you imagine world-known giants like PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn, Walmart, and even NASA using Node.js? Even though it’s a relatively new technology for internal software solutions, millions of smaller enterprises choose Node.js for building apps. Ask why? Node.js has it all: it uses a very common JavaScript language for building back-ends, a robust technology stack, has unlimited scalability an...
17 Aug 2017

Node.js vs Go – What to Choose for My Product?

The process of web app development can be compared to an iceberg. There is part of the app that a user sees, meanwhile, the rest remains unseen. This is what we call “back end”, imperceptible and mystical. In the majority of web applications, there is significantly more non-UI code than the code that is directly related to the interaction with the end user. Information needs to be stored an...
09 Aug 2017

Why consider Go for building a software product?

Why more and more businesses are starting to use Google Go, an open source programming language, as an alternative to Java and Python? Not surprising. With its promise of agility, simplicity, and speed, Golang seems to have become one of the most powerful rivals to much older and common languages. What is Go? Google's Go language was created 10 years ago as an experimental project. In 2009, two ...
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