Strong learning a skill requires an inexhaustible inner drive, an insatiable desire to have this particular skill, which is proportionate to the need for it. Aspiration is the key to learning any skill.

English information computers

What makes you aspire to learn English? It’s either not being able to cope without it in life or the benefits the command of the language gives you.

English is increasingly consolidating its position as number one language of international communication. It is the language of science, media, cinematography, and, indisputably, the language of computers and information technology. It is the world’s most universal natural language which is also simplest and easiest to learn.

For IT companies, English is the language that drives the business, makes it happen. So the employees, besides their professional knowledge and skills, must have a decent command of English just as they must be computer literate. That’s what modern literacy is about nowadays, after all.

Software development in Ukraine has caught on a lot. New IT outsourcing software development companies are appearing every day and the competition is becoming intense. Their customers come mainly from the USA or European countries. And this is where English plays a role and is instrumental. The better you can use it, the faster you can process information, learn, interact, the less miscommunication happens, the more smoothly your projects go and the more enjoyable your work becomes, not to mention the career prospects.

Obviously, every IT company which is in software development and/or maintenance outsourcing business will applaud employees who are fluent in English as well as being professionals in computer languages and technologies because they are part of company’s overall success.

English IT Vakoms verb nounOn top of that, the ability to speak and understand English well opens up a whole new world. Curious minds will enjoy numerous new learning opportunities. English allows you to immerse yourself into a foreign culture and experience a different way of thinking, follow the world’s most recent and advanced processes, partake in those, which can be an immense pleasure.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you what. Those who know the language well enough, you are in an advantageous situation. Use the advantage! Dive and explore! Those who are hesitating whether or not it’s worth spending time and effort, chuck your doubts! Learn English and enjoy the myriad of new opportunities, knowledge and experience the language will open up for you.