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02 May 2019

Everything You Need to Know
to Build Location-Based AR App (Updated)

11 Apr 2019

Client’s #1 guide to mobile app development

Vakoms Team (Ukr)
18 Mar 2019

Vita, Front-End Developer

13 Mar 2019

Java trends 2019 (or where to use Java in 2019?)

Vakoms Team (Ukr)
07 Mar 2019

Tetiana, QA Engineer

Desktop & Cross-Platform
05 Mar 2019

Everything you need to know about cross-platform apps

22 Feb 2019

Lviv as your IT outsourcing destination – is it really the best choice?

IoT and Embedded
20 Feb 2019

Top 6 successful IoT projects created by Ukrainians

Vakoms Team (Ukr)
12 Feb 2019

Yaroslav, Head of Business Development and Marketing

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