The demand for energy- and cost-saving devices has created favorable conditions for smart home startups in Spain. Internet-connected home devices are growing steadily in use, and this tendency will continue in the coming years

So what are some of the best home automation solutions in Barcelona, Sevilla, and other Spanish cities? Down below, you will find the most innovative smart home ideas implemented in Spain.

Oasys – a water-saving smart home solution

The goal of this Barcelona-based startup is to help consumers consume the water more rationally. With draughts getting more common and global climate change, Oasys founders decided to inform homeowners of the total water usage inside their houses. Based on this, users could improve their daily habits significantly.

On the tech side, the home automation system consists of IoT sensors installed on the water main and any other water devices. Thanks to this, Oasys detects the exact time and volumes of water used, sending this data to the central hub.

The hub is a round wall-hanging device equipped with LED lights and a small screen. Once it receives all the data from sensors, the auto-generated reports are sent directly to your e-mail or mobile app. Besides, its color changes from green to red in case your habits need radical improvement.

Users can constantly track their water consumption, compare it to the previous weeks and neighbors who have the same systems. This connected home device helps set future goals and reach them.

enControl – smart home system with advanced configuration

This IoT system goes far beyond simple monitoring of your house. enControl allows controlling your home security 24/7, automating routine tasks, managing energy efficiency and more. The system offers the optimal configuration of smart home devices based on your location, lifestyle, number of people and even weather conditions. 

At the same time, you can program connected home devices to your preferences. For example, create your own rules for each scenario: when someone opens the door, turns on the oven etc. The system will react according to your order.

enControl also keeps its features active even without the Internet connection. In this case, all the data is stored locally until the Internet connection is restored. You can monitor your home remotely via a tablet, a smartphone or desktop.

Founded in Barcelona, enControl has over 1000 systems installed worldwide.

Wattio – home security and automation system

This startup from San Sebastian created the all-in-one home automation system with different devices put together. 

The key benefits of Wattio are high personalization and ease of use. Users can simply choose devices they want to connect – whether it’s heating, electricity, security or any other smart home gadgets. All these connected home devices send the data via WI-FI directly to your mobile app. Thanks to the Presence simulator, you can even prevent the robberies while away.

In May 2019, the company launched Wattio Conecta – the first smart home system in Spain taking care of elderly people. With no need for them to wear any sensors or wearables, it lets you monitor the daily routines of your relatives.

Wattio smart home system consists of 4 devices: an entrance door sensor, a motion sensor, a TV sensor, and a central unit. Using AI, Big Data and home automation devices, it recognizes the main daily habits and sends alerts to your phone if something goes wrong. As simple as that, this IoT system turned out helpful for millions of citizens worldwide.

HomyHub – IoT device for garage door automation

This startup won 15 awards (both national and international). In 5 years, it has already served 300 000 garages in Spain. So what’s in it?

The main idea is to uncover the full potential of garages, turning them into smart spaces instead of just rooms for vehicles, bikes, and boxes. 

To implement this idea, the garage door automation startup offers the following services:

  • Smartphone as a smart and safe key to your garage. You don’t have to replace, buy or copy your garage remotes anymore. Instead, simply install the mobile app on your phone and manage the access to your garage seamlessly.
  • Secure & fast delivery. This device also enables the unattended deliveries while you’re away. With HomyHub sensors installed inside your garage, you can give garage access to the currier as he arrives. Besides this, HomyHub also lets you know who enters and leaves the garage, whether the door is open or closed. You can deny or customize access to anyone through your home automation app. Turning garages into smart mailboxes, this smart home solution aims at solving the issue of 30% failed deliveries in Spain. It also helps cut the delivery prices. 
  • Proximity opening & connected cars. With HomyHub sensors installed inside your car, the smart home system instantly detects it approaching and opens the garage doors automatically. 
  • Shared parking. Let other family members know when the garage is empty so they can park their vehicles while you’re away.

Alfred Smart Systems – home automation management app

This Barcelona-based startup provides a unified app for fast & efficient management of your smart home devices. It allows saving from 20 to 40% costs on the heating bills, as well as improves the house comfort & security. Users can control the lights, heating, gas and entertainment devices by simply installing the Alfred Smart Systems in their homes. 

The home automation app supports 1500+ devices. In 2019, it announced the launch of four new services: Eco Service, Clima Service, Lock Service and Info Service. Now you can track the entry and exit time of everyone entering the house and get Personalized Alerts in case of incidents. And all the 4 services can be accessed from any device or any place.

Even though it’s relatively new on the market, Alfred home automation app has all the chances to become widely adopted due to its simplicity. It regularly takes part in Spanish meetings related to Real Estate and Home Automation.

Yeti – home automation system for increased comfort

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We present you another award-winning startup in the smart home market. Based in Sevilla, Spain, this startup changes the way homes take care of its residents. You can create your own “Routines” with repetitive tasks or group the home automation devices by “Rooms” for easier management.  The IoT system even adjusts the home to your current mood with the unique “Charms” feature. 

Yeti home automation system is fun and enjoyable to use. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so popular among users.


Above, we’ve presented some value-adding startups in Spanish home automation market. You can get inspired by their ideas to build your own system of connected home devices tailored to users’ needs. Just make sure to find a reliable IoT development company who will provide solid tech basis & skilled specialists to implement your idea.