With the exploding number of IoT systems across industries, it takes a lot to launch a truly successful IoT project. Profound market study, creating value for customers, finding skilled tech experts – this is just the top of IoT development iceberg.

However, even in such a high competitive market, Ukraine has achieved a strong position. Let’s explore the best IoT projects by Ukrainians that have been recognized globally and changed peoples lives for better.


IoT system development by Ukrainians

Discoperi IoT system

The founders of this project combined IoT development, AI, Blockchain and Big Data technologies to launch something truly powerful.

“Eye” is a tiny IoT device with an important mission – to prevent car accidents and provide safer driving. Created by Ukrainian startup Discoperi, the IoT system contains a Full HD video camera with a 120 viewing angle and a powerful processor for storing and transferring data across the whole IoT ecosystem.

Once installed in a car, the system tracks various road situations, drivers behavior and car characteristics. Based on  AI algorithms and Big Data, it predicts the upcoming dangers, sending instant alerts to drivers of connected cars.

Whenever there is a risky situation, you will get a notification sent directly to your app. 

The startup presented “Eye” system at CES 2018 in Las Vegas and was listed among top 50 most innovative startups globally.


IoT development by Ukrainians

Cardiomo IoT system

This is the first consumer health monitoring system in the world that has already become popular on the IoT healthcare market.

The idea behind is quite simple: take care of your loved ones while you’re away. In fact, 80% of fatal accidents can be prevented with health monitoring and active lifestyle, states World Health Organisation. So, this device is extremely useful for elderly people who need constant surveillance.

So how exactly does it work?

The IoT system contains a wireless ECG monitor, respiration sensors and a specialized platform for data analysis. You should stick this wearable device to your body to track the heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and other health metrics. Analyzing this data in real time, Cardiomo automatically sends it to the mobile app.

If the health statistics slightly deviate from the norm, the IoT system sends push-notifications to the app, generating healthcare recommendations with AI algorithms. In case of high risk, it sends alerts to a pre-defined list of contacts, e.g. relatives and doctors.

Identifying disease symptoms on the early stages might become critical for preventing undesirable consequences. In fact, Cardiomo enables preventing 40 cardio and respiratory diseases. Even if there is a high risk of myocardial infarction or a stroke, it will send a warning 2 hours before. All the data is saved on the cloud server as well.

It’s also highly practical and reliable since you can wear it even in the shower or while you sleep. The battery lives 10 days without recharging. So far, Cardiomo Care took part in IoT Tech Expo North America 2018 and won the Techstars Startup Pitch Competition at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

So far, the device has proved to be highly useful and practical. What will happen next, we will see.

IoT device development

Senstone IoT wearable

On the IoT market flooded with watches and bracelets, it’s getting really difficult to differentiate. However, Markiyan Matsehk has managed to do this, by creating a flexible and diverse IoT device called Senstone.

It’s a small wearable device for taking notes by recording your voice. The IoT system syncs the wearable to the cloud where voice memos are converted into text by specialized software.

Then, the app stores your notes by topics automatically recognizing the keywords and even your mood. You can also easily integrate it with other apps like Evernote or Trello.

No more taking out your phone, scrolling through the apps and forgetting your train of thought meanwhile. With this IoT project, you can avoid any distractions and record your thoughts on the go. You can wear it as a pendant, clip or a bracelet, so it’s comfortable to use both for men and women. It was recognized as the best B2C product at Lviv IT Arena 2017.

Ajax Systems

This wireless security system is the most awarded IoT project among its European competitors. By connecting detectors for smoke, water damage, motion, doors and windows, and lots of others, you can control your home or office remotely, directly from your smartphone. You can also connect your cameras to the Ajax system to view what is happening in real time.

All the data is sent to a central IoT hub from sensors in the form of signals. The transmitting distance can reach up to 2 km. Moreover, the system is highly customizable which enables you adding more devices, entry or flood detectors.

The Ajax mobile app is available on both iOS and Android, and it works up to 7 years without batteries changing.

Moreover, the IoT sensors look aesthetically pleasing, resonating well with home interior design. Sounds great? Well, that’s because it really is.


Best IoT device EcoisMe

Credit: Innovaucher.com.ua

Founded by three Ukrainian entrepreneurs, this IoT project allows to save energy resources and reduce monthly spendings on electric bills. It is a smart IoT system for energy monitoring which can be paired with Amazon Alexa and other home devices.

This is how it works: a single sensor connects to the outlet and automatically recognizes the power profiles of your home appliances & devices. Then, all the data is transmitted via Wi-Fi network to the sensor and the user’s mobile app. Directly from your smartphone, you can learn which device consumes the most of energy, read energy-saving tips and get alerts if forgot to turn something off.

You can also manage your IoT devices on-the-go, turning them off within a single click, or know your bill sum beforehand with a system-generated forecast. All it takes is to download a mobile app, put the Ecois energy monitor in your breaker panel and connect it to the local Wi-Fi.

As a result, you can save up to 15% of monthly expenses for electricity. Ecoisme might become the IoT device every smart home will need since it’s so simple to integrate with other connected appliances.

And the best thing about it – it encourages safer and energy-efficient consumer behavior. For example, if you consumed more energy than your solar panels produced during the day, the IoT system will let you know and offer tailored suggestions.

EcoisMe got the Best of Innovation Award at CES in Las Vegas and signed a partnership with Dubai Water and Electricity Authority making a part of its strategy to become the most tech-advanced city by 2020.
Now it has become available for consumers worldwide.


This IoT device helps busy pet owners spend more time with their pets. It’s the all-in-one pet camera connected to the Wi-Fi to monitor and treat your besties remotely.

Besides seeing and talking via a smartphone, PetCube offers much more options. Depending on the type of device you buy, you can either train your pet by flinging treats for rewards or play a laser pointer game with him.

Via your free mobile app, check whether your pet is safe, eats well and whether he behaves well while you’re away. Record the best moments, take pictures and share them with your Instagram followers or friends instantly.

PetCube is available in 18 countries and includes 7-days free trial. By using IoT development, Ukrainian founders managed to connect people with their pets.

To sum up

From all of the above, you can see that Ukraine has great potential and proven expertise in IoT system development. To benefit from their knowledge and experience, you should find the IoT development provider you can trust. A reliable IoT development company will provide you with qualified developers, advice you on technical aspects, and make sure that your IoT project will become a success.