The US research firm Clutch published a report rating Vakoms as one of the best in three categories: augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and Internet of things (IoT).



The latest research by identified top-performing UK and Canada software development companies. All developers underwent detailed evaluations aimed at measuring market presence, customer satisfaction rate, and skills in maintaining top-quality services.

Although any agency can get listed on Clutch, only the most highly recommended and technically experienced can reach the top of the chart and become the “leaders”.

What is Clutch? is an independent Washington DC research firm that evaluates global advertising & marketing agencies, SEO services firms, custom software developers, web designers, big data and business intelligence consultants, etc. The company identifies the leaders by collecting brief reviews and rating marks from their clients on ‘Quality’, ‘Schedule’, ‘Cost’, and ‘Willing to refer’.

“Clutch was created to solve an important, two-sided problem. How do buyers of professional services and software find the best companies to meet a specific need? And conversely, how do leading services and software firms stand out from the sea of mediocre competitors?” says Mike Beares, the founder of Clutch.

The company launched in 2012 with an idea to create a reliable database of IT providers. Since that time, Clutch has researched and reviewed more than 7,000 agencies in 500+ categories. Every internet user has access to the detailed statistics, rates, and feedback without having an account and having to log in.

How Clutch works

Reviews are the most important factor of the research conducted by Clutch, as every registered company receives feedback from the former and current clients. Quantitative scoring includes the evaluation of quality, cost, willingness to refer, and the ability to meet deadlines.



Clutch uses a proprietary framework with its own research methodology in the main three categories: market presence, clients and experience, reference and reviews.

The Leaders Matrix maps service providers based on the domains they work in and ‘their proven ability to deliver’. As a result, users get credible and reliable feedback about the cooperation with professional service providers.

Vakoms’ augmented reality and virtual reality services on

Clutch’s study of the best VR/AR development companies in the UK shows Vakoms among those with the best reputation in this segment. Due to the company’s experience and expertise, Vakoms has successfully implemented VR/AR projects for different industries, like interior design, real estate, healthcare and medicine, transportation, education, etc. Our VR development company (UK) has completed more than 15 VR/AR projects over two years, helping clients to present products and services in the best possible way.


Source: Vakoms VR/AR services on

Vakoms’ Internet of Things services on

For over 8 years, Vakoms has been providing software solutions for IoT projects in various business areas. This year, we are proud to be named one of the best UK IoT development companies according to Clutch’s assessments.


Credit: Vakoms IoT services on

Why is Clutch important?

The’s evaluation is based on a variety of factors and mainly on client reviews. With good feedback from clients, it becomes much easier to make a decision on the collaboration with a potential IT partner. Due to the level of technical skills and quality of customer experience our company has maintained since 2010, Vakoms was included in the list of top development service providers.

Check out our profile at Clutch and read reviews that our clients have left.