Vakoms the software development company headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Started as a small project of two enthusiastic programmers in 2010, it has grown now into a well-known IT company with 130 employees in 3 offices: Lviv, Ukraine (HQ and R&D), Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine (R&D), and Hinwil, Switzerland (DACH sales)

Andriy Shevchyk, the co-founder of Vakoms, recalls how Vakoms started: “In 2010, we didn’t have a company project in mind. It was just a group of enthusiasts, passionate about technology and programming. My friend Pavlo and I founded a programming club for students and anyone else interested where we shared our knowledge. The course was free to join, and there we met many cool developers who became the backbone of the future company.

To mark its 10th birthday, the company has unveiled a brand new logo and fresh styling. Pavlo Pelekh, the co-founder of Vakoms, commented on the new design: “The old identity was a bit outdated and didn’t match the company’s vision to its full, so we decided to make something new tied with our core values. We kept the full name of the company as the main element but we changed the overall view. We also highlighted the initial letter V so that we could use it as an independent laconic element that will still be recognized as our signature.” 

The new Vakoms logo is painted in the dark aqua color which is also the leading color of the new identity. The green-blue hue represents steadiness and proven success as well as emphasizes flexibility, reliability, and growth. That’s the core values of the company and that’s what the clients love Vakoms for.

10 years after the story began, Vakoms’ clients range from promising startups to industry giants from all over the globe. Currently, Vakoms partners with companies ranging from small startups to global enterprises from the USA, Israel, UK, DACH, and others. 

The company focuses on the web, mobile, and desktop projects in IoT, healthtech, photo/images/video, sports, construction/real estate, marketing & advertisement domains. Also, AR/VR app development and 3D modeling are other key areas of expertise. 

The company plans to grow its portfolio in these domains, improve services, and conquer new markets. 

Despite the pandemic crisis that made us throw away all our plans, our long-term goal is to grow our offices in Ivano-Frankivsk and Switzerland, to bring more projects with an even higher level of complexity. This will grow our expertise and help us deliver better service to be even more successful,” Andriy added.