On February, 24 russia started a war against Ukraine. Our people along with the whole world are fighting for the freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine.

How we work during the war

The military aggression of russia against Ukraine made a warrior out of every Ukrainian. Since day 1 of active combat, we have been helping our country in every possible way: fighting, donating, volunteering, hosting refugees. 

While the war goes on, Vakoms continues working and taking on new projects. Our engineers keep on delivering high-quality service, meeting the deadlines, and estimating new projects as they appear. As long as the situation allows, we’ll continue to work and support the Ukrainian economy during these tough times. 

How you can help

We believe that military aggression is not an option. We want the russian federation to also realize it and stop the war against the Ukrainian people. 

If you own a project and need IT services, consider Ukrainian engineers over russian. We also call to stop any business relations with russian companies to increase the economic pressure on russia. This will contribute to the isolation of russia so that it pays a high price for starting the invasion. 

You can also support Ukrainian Armed Forces, or help Ukraine in other ways.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all our clients for offering any kind of assistance: financial, logistic, humanitarian, and informational support. We appreciate the loyalty of the existing clients and the trust of the new businesses who support Ukraine by giving us an opportunity to work. We’ll keep going to make the future happen. 

Ukraine will keep fighting as long as it’s needed, and Ukraine will win.